Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 086

Red Delicious Apple in front of a windowsill.


  1. Like how you have this set-up Gerald, with the sun as a back-drop. Nice ambient feeling.
    I'm going to post an apple too, just because I'm tripping over my feet so much, while looking at the sky. Need a break.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Gerald.
    You are doing a great job!
    Loving those apples, especially the green ones:)

    Take care and I will be back again for sure.
    Your masterpieces should be framed up for exhibition:)

  3. To see all the apple collections again!
    Just really "wow" me.
    My favourite piece is the one that you gave me.
    Thanks Gerald!

  4. Interesting blog....I Love paintings of apples. I've done one in the past and love using all different colors as you do. Looking forward to your future work...

  5. I just found your blog...wonderful versions of all these apples....great work!
    Cynthia Schelzig

  6. I think you should try a honey crisp apple - they are the best I've had lately!

  7. Honey Crisp sounds delicious! Thanks Janice