Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trip to the Grocery Store

That's quite a lot of apples to choose
from, and that's just the first row.

I found another row filled with organically grown apples and below were bags of smaller sized apples. I'll just grab half and half for now...that should last me almost a week. I just have to remember to eat these apples every day too :)

I'm Taking the Leap....

....there's no turning back now! Time to gather my apple references, prep my work station and get ready. So how's this supposed to work? It sounds simple enough, but I'd like to share as much of the progression of each sketch, illustration, and painting. Snapping photos when I'm out on location, maybe record my brush stroke when using my gouache and maybe figuring out how to record my brush strokes digitally as well? I can't promise suppyling all of the above for each day, but we'll see what happens along the way. I'm leaving no limit on time spent or amount of details I want to show. So you'll see everything from a tiny post-it-note sketch all the way to a fully


Welcome! So why such a looooong blog name? I originally wanted to just have "an apple a day" or just "apple a day".....but those 2 blogspot names have been taken and inactive for several years. I really wish Google would delete those non-active blogs. Lots of good blog names to use, but they're just sitting in limbo.